AUB design 3
01 February 2018
Architecture Design III | ARCH203 | Public Architecture in an Urban Context
6 credits | Design Studio | MF 2-7 pm
Carla Aramouny | Anastasia ElRouss | Tarek Sinno
Beyond Bourj Hammoud: PLAY in the city

Building on the previous design courses, Design III addresses public building structures in urban environments. Through exercises, site visits, lectures and discussions, students are introduced to different themes and methods in understanding architecture in the urban realm. They look at urban areas with reference to historical, cultural and socio-economic factors. Mapping and abstraction are key tools for design inquiries. Students are asked to develop and integrate program and architectural design in the urban context, with reference to quantitative data on the ground, such as density, traffic, etc. as well as qualitative data such as culture, habits, behavior etc. Through various exercises, they learn about the urban context at different scales ranging from small urban installations to medium-scale buildings with hybrid programs. They also address accessibility and pedestrian and vehicular circulation. The course balances analytical skills with design interventions.