AUB design 5
01 September 2018
Architecture Design V | ARCH406| Comprehensive Design Studio
6 credits | Design Studio | | Mondays and Fridays 2-6pm
Makram El Kadi, Rana Samara, Anastasia Elrouss

In this comprehensive design studio, students apply the knowledge and skills acquired in all previous design studios, theory and technical courses. 
Projects assigned are medium- to large-scale buildings, and themes can relate to culture, education, tourism, work, retail and transportation. Projects envisioned are complex building structures with preferably hybrid functions addressing the public domain, circulation, accessibility, life safety, parking, building codes and zoning regulations. 
Designs are based on given program(s) and pre-determined site(s). Students might use as a starting point the program, site analysis and basic concepts developed in the Pre-design course completed during the previous spring semester. They generate and develop their design, balancing program requirements with environmental and site issues. Projects evolve through the different design phases from concept design to schematic design and design development. Students address design issues and documentation at different scales, investigate and implement the integration of building systems such as structure, enclosure, mechanical and lighting in their design, and develop selected building elements to a detailed level.