T Villa
2008-2013, Kornet Chehouane, Lebanon
Offering no impression of itself and with little reference to scale and few walls, T Villa challenges the notion of boundaries in a domestic space.
Perched on a steep rocky slope in a pine-forested area with captivating views of Beirut and the sea, T Villa is almost invisible at surface level. The house consists of three flowing expanses of inhabitable concrete, envisioned as superposed cantilevered floors tied together by an internal ramp running through the villa. Open floors function as horizontal incisions that lend a certain structure to the rugged surroundings. Spacious inside, the cantilevered villa projects itself into an empty space, while surprising inhabitants with its distinctive interpretation of the landscape.

Villa T shrugs off its surroundings as it challenges the sense of dimensions and the relationship of architecture with its environment. In seeking to erase any impression of tethering, the house allows its inhabitants to live each day differently, partly because its 50-meter glass façade forces them to simultaneously experience senses of security (interior) and risk (exterior).
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