• Anastasia Elrouss Architects won the 2nd Prize at the International Biennale of Architecture ‘Krakow 2019’ with the theme ‘Connections- the Town and the River’. Under the title of ‘Vistula: The green heart of Krakow, an active spiritual eco-park’, the architectural and urban proposal covered a surface area of 90 hectares around the city center of Krakow and a loop of 2 kilometers around the Vistula River. Click here


    International Biennale of Architecture Krakow

    08-09 October 2019
  • Anastasia Elrouss is published in L'Orient-Le jour for several awards:The German Design Awards, The iconic Awards and the Design that Educates Awards for three ongoing projects: The Haddad Compound, DAM-MAD Villa and Haven House. An article by May Makarem. Click here


    L'Orient Le jour

    18 April 2019
  • The Haven House, located in Mount Lebanon, won an honorable mention on the Design that Educates Awards 2019. Also, The Haddad Compound, located in Canada, was finalist.


    The Design that Educates Awards 2019

    29 March 2019
  •  Kon textur magazine interview about our architectural journey and practice. Click here


    Kon textur

    February 2019
  • Anastasia Elrouss & Warch(ée) ngo are one of the nine international activists : architects, historians , writers, contractors in conversation with Stéphanie Dadour.


    d'a Magazine

    December 2018 - February 2019
  • "These rentable Luxury tree houses just outside Montreal will be Quebec's most stunning nature escape." They're part of an innovative design by architect Anastasia Elrouss. Click here



    19 December 2018
  • "Where are the Lebanese Women Architects?" Article by Clara Suchy. Click here


    The Daily Star

    17 December 2018
  • Anastasia Elrouss Architect's design for the DAM Villa, located in Lebanon's Rabieh hills, won the 2018 Iconic Award for Innovative Architecture' Best of Best, in the category Concept with distinction.


    ICONIC AWARDS 2018: Innovative Architecture

    08 October 2018
  • Anastasia Elrouss was a guest panelist in the exhibition and symposium celebrating the American University of Beirut’s 50th anniversary, in October 2018. She took part in the roundtable discussion about architecture itineraries.


    AUB’s 50th Anniversary

    05 October 2018