• AlSafar Project
    Anastasia Elrouss, selected as one of the two Lebanese ordinary heroes in the three year expedition project built with UNESCO , Misk Art Institute and National Geographic Abu Dhabi.
    30 July 2019
  • The Design that Educates Awards 2019
    Anastasia Elrouss presents in this short video the Haddad Compound and the Haven House in the Design that Educates Awards 2019.
    29 March 2019
  • ICONIC AWARDS 2018: Innovative Architecture – Award ceremony
    At the Iconic Awards, held in October 2018 in Munich, Anastasia Elrouss Architects’ design for the DAM Villa was honored with the prize for Innovative Architecture – Best of Best, in the category Concept with distinction. The Iconic Awards reward holistic projects in the fields of architecture, product design and brand communication.
    08 October 2018
  • AUB’s 50th Anniversary
    As part of a symposium that celebrated the 50th anniversary of the American University of Beirut’s Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) and that was held in October 2018, Anastasia Elrouss spoke about the tools and methods she uses in her work and how her education at AUB influenced her practice.
    05 October 2018
  • Architect-Entrepreneur Vol.4 – Architects for Change
    Anastasia Elrouss took part in the Architect-Entrepreneur conference in Lebanon in November 2017. Under the theme Architects for Change, the conference examined independent thought and singular initiative among Lebanon’s new breed of architects.
    17 November 2017
  • Speech Anastasia Elrouss - Project Villa T | Archmarathon
    In 2016, when she was a founding partner at YTAA, Anastasia Elrouss gave a speech at the Archmarathon Awards about Villa T, a YTAA-designed residence in the Lebanese mountains conceived to marry the landscape.
    13 May 2016
  • Anastasia Elrouss - YTAA | Archmarathon
    During the Archmarathon Awards, Anastasia Elrouss explained the philosophy of YTAA, the Lebanese architectural firm with an international scope that she co-founded.
    13 May 2016
    Anatasia Elrouss explains her work on Bordeaux’s Brazza neighborhood on Lebanon’s MTV.
    28 April 2016
  • Elisabeth Touton
    Elisabeth Touton, the deputy mayor of Bordeaux in charge of urban planning, talks about the reinvigoration of Bordeaux’s Brazza neighborhood, a project spearheaded by Anastasia Elrouss and YTAA.
    10 November 2014